Commitment to our Community

In partnership with our parent company, the Ferring Pharmaceuticals Group, we are deeply committed to our  community and social responsibility. We believe in a synergetic relationship with the surrounding community

Some of our special activities are as follows:

  • Investing

    The company has "adopted" an elementary school in the neighboring town and invests in the young children's education. A special collaboration in the field of science education was formed in order for the children to succeed.

  • Inspiring

    BTG donates to a unique program, designed to encourage a more positive behavioral and educational direction in teenagers. BTG is proud to have the honor of hosting biotech lectures in the company to high school students.

  • Helping

    BTG sponsors several "big brother" programs for children undergoing cancer treatments in extreme medical situations.

  • Donating

    BTG "Holidays for All" is a twice a year program which involves donating groceries to families in need for those special holidays.